10 platforms educational to be able to study free of charge by Internet

Platforms educational: In general, the majority of the people has no idea or sometimes they don’t know to study are one of the guys who could not enter the University for economic reasons, or by the fact of not possessing sufficient money to do so, I invite you to as I do part of the thousands of people who were interested to learn almost anything freely and as well as free. Today thanks to the Internet everything has changed, to the form of study and there are many platforms that offer you the opportunity to study free of charge.

Today I personally know to many people that in occasions walk saying that les was wrong in the University by the teaching or by some other reason or of soon can be of that not could strive is more and as not obtained the result planned. Platforms educational. In the education virtual which has the reins of the learning you are you and nobody more. With what was said above I don’t want to say or imply that study in person either bad or let go to their universities or schools not anything like that, because you learn or acquire new knowledge in the way that is only and only depend on us to do this we must strive every day to do things well. Platforms educational.

Well I am of the few people he cares because others can as much as I take advantage of the content is offered in thousands of educational platforms and offer it for free, for this reason whenever I find something that interests me, and that I will serve me share it so they can have something so motivated. Platforms educational.

Good in the following list give them platforms or educational spaces we can find both free and paid courses. I emphasise that the majority of the courses are free of charge. These offer content of programming, languages, mathematics, chemistry, Photoshop, computer security, HTML, SEO, CRM and an endless number of educational material that will help us in our learning and so we can have many more capacity to do things well.

10 platforms educational to study free

platforms educational

Well these are 10 to study free online educational platforms have helped me much and I am sure will serve you well, so do not leave review one by one, these are the 10 best platforms for studying free. Platforms educational.



3.Fundación Carlos Slim



6.Khan Academy

7.Miriada X

8.Microsoft Virtual Academy

9.SENA Virtual

10.Dell Training Centre

Well I hope they serve a great help this information that I have brought them, and hope that they can share this information with your friends and family also which to share it in the various social networks, also invite you to subscribe to this site and may be part of us, and once signed be informed of every issue published on this web site spend a great day. Platforms educational.

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