5 reasons for not download Pokémon Go

5 reasons that you should not download Pokémon Go, since this game could damage the battery of your mobile device or rather compromising your information and expose that other harmful viruses that would compromise the privacy of your personal data.

Reasons to not download ‘Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go

As we all know Pokemon app capsized half the world in a Pokemania and be returned very viral in almost the majority of countries, even when the app is only available in USA, Australia and New Zealand, this is shot like lightning across the network.

The game Pokemon Go us woke up the nostalgia of them Pokemon, to the remember us those moments in that of small saw the series of TV or played them video games and until arrived to launch them by means of tazos. App Pokémon, moreover, represents for many a dream come reality, since they can give life to different Pokemon through augmented reality and that makes it so special, and no doubt that is spread across social networks.

But however, the Pokemon fever is not full color pink. There are reasons to not install the game, and if it has made, as you bring them reasons for it can uninstall.

You will have a longer battery life in your cell

Good Pokémon Go app uses the GPS and camera of the device, in addition to the regular processing that you’d expect from an app of this kind. As these two are ones of them components that more deplete the battery of a cell and is could of tell that damage your battery (besides it screen that by obvious reasons has that be on while the game this running is), Pokemon Go affects drastically it battery if play more than ones minutes, including when have activated the function of saving of battery in the configuration of the videogame since it capacity of the game is very high and seizes many resources of your device mobile.

If not download Pokémon Go or uninstall it, you will be retaining or extending the duration of the battery of your cell phone and not have to be changing battery every week.

Are you outside USA?

This could open the door to malware is possible download Pokémon Go if you live in Mexico, Spain, Honduras, Colombia, Argentina and other countries where not currently available this game. However, this can open the door to which your device is infected with malware and damage your cellphone and compromise your personal information.

Use your plan of device data

Pokémon App requires an Internet connection to make it work bone that you need to have internet when you want to play, so you will be using your data continuously and obviously gastaras more money on mobile internet packages. If you don’t have an unlimited plan, not play Pokémon Go allows you to store the data that you have in your plan and so much more you can save your money and not these spending a all the time.

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