5 tools free to create video tutorials

Hello and welcome to all.  create video: Many times we would like to share what we do on our computer so that others see and learn how to do a certain task or simply need to make a small video tutorial to our school or blog, if we do not know much the theme is perhaps difficult to find the right tool and covering the required needs, therefore I want today to help them a bit and share 5 great options to record on video what happens on our computer screen.

tools to create video tutorials

create video

These following tools lets you record what you’re doing on your PC, you can also add voice to ultimately generate a video file that you can upload and share on the Internet or simply burn to a CD/DVD to enjoy on your TV.

CamStudio – create video

CamStudio is a tool for Windows that allows the recording of everything that happens on your desktop, recording both the full screen, window or defined areas, as well as audio to this asset at that time, even what you record from a microphone, it generates a file in format AVI or SWF to integrate easily into your web.

Webinar – create video

Webinar is another tool of software Open Source, in this case we can save it recorded in formats. AVI or FLV, also allows the capture of audio along with the video.<br> <br>Video tutorials.

Krut – create video

Krut is another Open Source alternative developed in Java. With this utility, videos will be recorded in Quicktime (.mov) format. Krut also allows you to record audio and a sector specific of the screen that is can go modifying during the recording.

Screenr – create video

Unlike the previous Screenr is an online tool and that you can use without installing anything on your PC (only you need to have the Java Plugin). Works both on Windows and on Mac correctamemente. Is completely free and allows you to record up to 5 min with audio.

Screencast O Matic – create video

Another online service that lets you record the screen without having to download any software, also requires the Java Plugin to work. The free version allows you to record up to 15 minutes of video and export it to MP4, AVI and FLV formats. You can also make screenshots from your webcam.

I hope that these tools are very helpful and can begin to share their recordings across the network, and invite you to that can subscribe to this website so that can be informed of all the new topics that are published. Goodbye pass it well.

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