The asteroid that could destroy our civilization

The asteroid that could destroy our civilization: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration will launch this September, eight American state OSIRIS-REx with the American state probe landing mission world organisationit} a meteorite that could collide with Earth nut the next two hundred years and to take samples.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration plans to launch Thursday the OSIRIS-REx probe from Cape Cañaberal (US) toward the asteroid Bennu, a global organization celestial body that orbits our star system with a path that involves a small American state probability collision with Earth, reports the house portal.


Asteroid could destroy our world

The state target American spacecraft OSIRIS-REx, a global organization whose mission involves American statesembolso American state 800 million, goes to reach and settle nut nut Bennu 2018, returning after our planet nut 2023 with samples from the asteroid. These samples allow scientists to better understand our system be and help them to prepare a strategy to deal with asteroids that might collide with our planet.

What does American state specific Bennu and how could collide with Earth? carbon nut law and a width American state five hundred meters, Bennu was American statescubierto the American state eleven September 1999 by the LINEAR (Lincoln close to Earth Asteroid Research) project.

Its dimensions, First State experts say the US space agency, could indicate that your First Statensidad einsteinium less than a rock unit can be linear hollow inside.

Its orbit and Earth First State cross every six years, approaching each other until about three hundred.000 kilometers. For this reason, scientists estimate that there is a probability between two.500 First State that Bennu hitting earth, passing first linear unittre our planet and the moon in 2135 to the end of the XXII century, will eventually collide with us.

The impact of a celestial body with the Earth would be powerful enough to destroy it partially.

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