10 free tools to create eye-catching presentations

Free tools: Good as all know digital presentations are a very common form of exposing a subject at school, either company or at any meeting that warrants the support of this type of elements. Normally the custom of many is elaborate presentations in the known PowerPoint, but sometimes this is be something so common that can bore to the spectators and finish overshadowing all our effort.

Now therefore, I wanted to make a list with some of the best tools I’ve found to be able to develop in a striking way, high quality, interactive presentations and that they can generate great impact in the public that is exposed and gain a beautiful perfection. Some of the applications presented here can be used in a way online and others simply will have to install them on their computer quickly and easily, to follow to give you. Free tools.

Free tools to create presentations

free tools


This interesting application manages to give you a look visual enough striking to our presentation. Today is an of the applications more used to develop presentations and has known win is a great field in this field. You can use way online or also includes a desktop version for users of payment. Free tools.


This application web us allows create presentations online. Was created in Peru and is shown as a good alternative to develop simple slides. Free tools.

PDF Presenter:

If what have that expose not are images but a simple document in PDF, safe can be boring to many, but with this tool can give you a touch different and make it more entertaining. It must be installed and is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux systems. Very useful for business meetings. Free tools.


1-It requires us to register to use it. It offers the possibility to import presentations in other formats, add text, images, audio and video. It has a good variety of effects and templates to use in our projects. Free tools.


Another interesting proposal that makes creating presentations in a different way. Available in three types of creations: Express, Collage and Studio, each a with options different. The results are pretty good and you can insert into any web site. Free tools.

Powerbullet Presenter:

This software allows you to quickly develop presentation in flash format. It only works for Windows systems and does not require much knowledge since it is quite intuitive when using it. Free tools.


This tool allows you to prepare presentations striking of way simple. Prior registration is required to be able to use and allows the use of different media elements.


With this application you can create a type of mural interactive with texts, images, sounds, videos and hyperlinks. A different way to expose our ideas.


Allows create presentations multimedia, upload content such as videos, images and audio. At the end we share the links or add them to our web site.


Us lets give him a touch different to the presentation of our documents. Using PDF files we create magazines, brochures, catalogs, reports, brochures, presentation, etc.

Good friends this has been everything on my part I hope them there was a great help and ask you to share this information with friends or relatives and that they can also share it on different social networks. Also I invite you to subscribe to this blog and be part of us. Have a happy day.

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