Now Google will warn you if you’re mentioned on the Internet

Welcome to this new publication today I bring you a new idea of Google done you will know if you’re mentioned on the internet. Control what others say of us of form private is impossible of know, but control when we are appointed in the network of form public, is possible. To be aware of your brand identity on the net or just to know how see you others, Google has enabled a new feature that, in a simple way, will create an alert automatically when we look on the Internet.

Google Alerts you if these being mentioned on the Internet


Perhaps never you searched for you on the Internet? Is interesting to know where appears our name in the network, if someone us has named or appear as author of some article. If you’re a writer with published books, freelance writer or famous life, surely you have well controlled your mentions on the Web, but if you’re a person who is not you do professionally inform you on the network, you will also have your mentions and you will know where to show up in the Internet jungle. Not feel curiosity?

Stay in the Loop is the new option of the search of Google that appears in the part bottom of the first page of them searches whenever performed a search of our name via Google. Simply click on this new widget that we redirect to Google Alerts to create an alert with all necessary filters: periodicity of the alert, region, languages or email where you receive it.

Yes, as you see is is of an alert of Google of all the life, but in this occasion Stay in the Loop us serves of access direct in the Finder of Google whenever want search our name or the of the other person. It is advisable to clarify two points: first, to bring this service we have enabled the Web activity and follow-up of applications in our Google account privacy; and the second thing is that it is a service not yet present in all regions, so do not despair if you still does not appear.

Good friends this has been all of my part hope that this information les has been of your complete satisfaction and if is so as les invite you to can share this information with their family and friends and that can share it in them different networks social and that is subscribe to this site so can advance and be a great family. We wish you a happy day.

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