Google is preparing its new devices mobile

Google launched to the market the new project of them devices mobile, and aims to combat face to face against Apple in the land of them devices mobile, and be the company with the best devices in the market international.

Google and its new devices mobile



Good Google is preparing its new project and aims to fight face-to-face against Apple in the field of mobile devices such as smartphones. So far, the Mountain View are struggling in the field of operating systems and already have many mobile devices launched under its own brand, the Nexus, although manufactured by third parties, but this aims to revolutionize much more devices mobile around the world.

Good the idea of Google is convert is directly in the main manufacturer of telephony and launch a terminal low his name and codes, forgetting is completely of the brand Nexus, according to reports The Telegraph. This action serious the new home of a fierce and great competition against Apple in the field of hardware and its devices, since in the of software already carry fighting several years and both practically dominate the market with Android and iOS, the best systems operating mobile.

This so-called terminal will not influence the future of the Nexus if not that to improve it to a much more. Google will be partnering with different manufacturers to continue launching new models of devices mobile. The most recent are the Nexus of 5 X and 6 p and would continue creating and adding more terminals to the great and huge family despite the launch of Google terminal.

In addition, is also known that Californians are working in the project area, an independent modular smartphone that would appear on the market in 2017 if nothing prevents it, Google is designing new models of mobile phones and leave out the classical models of today. devices mobile.

Become a reality the first Google smartphone, should know what reactions you might have many manufacturers throwing their products today based on Android operating systems. Many of them, like the Huawei mobile device for example, take time thinking about launching your own software to accompany their devices and be a more competitive company in the market of mobile devices. No doubt Google surprises us with new projects that generates increasingly, Google is one of the richest companies in the world and becoming increasingly stronger in the market. devices mobile.

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