How to lose weight safely Finally effective

Lose weight healthily

Lose weight: Are you always running out of breath especially when you walk or take the stairs? If this is the case then you might be having a serious weight issue that needs to be addressed swiftly.

Being overweight or obese is a leeway for some serious health risks like, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, joint pains and back pains just to name but a few. Nonetheless, this can and must be avoided at all costs. lose weight.

First things first, calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI), to find out if your current weight is right for your height. lose weight. Using a BMI standard calculator you will be able to calculate your weight. If you do not have the BMI calculator, you can calculate this manually (your weight in kilograms divided by your height in metres, now, divide the answer with your height again to get your BMI. Health specialists say that if your BMI is 25-29, you are overweight and in cases where it’s above 30, you are obese. lose weight.

Having calculated your BMI, you can now do the necessary to get in shape.

Tips On How To Lose Weight Safely

    • Exercise frequently – Losing body fat takes a lot of time, energy and above all discipline. Frequent exercises are a game changer for anyone willing to do what it takes to shed off some weight. Running, swimming, walking and rope skipping are some of the best exercises you can take part in.
    • Change your diet – If you are overweight or obese, chances are that your diet is off. Make sure you eat healthy foods, balanced diets to be precise (more vegetables and proteins). Avoid too much junk and if you snack a lot try to cut down on that as well. You might also want to cut back on sugars. lose weight.
    • Drink lots of fluids – Doctors say that we all need at least eight glasses of water a day. lose weight. As crazy as it may sound, they have our best interest at heart. Water is good for the body. It not only flourishes the skin, but also aids in digestion and excretion.

lose weight

  • Change your lifestyle – In most cases, people across the world are becoming overweight due to certain lifestyles. For example, most people prefer driving to the store a couple of blocks away than simply walking. Day by day, we are becoming more lazy and less energetic, something that is not good for our bodies.


The Benefits of Losing Weight

    • Confidence – When you look your best, then it’s with no doubt that your confidence is a notch higher.


    • Fit in clothes – Ever had that outfit that you love so much but cannot have it on simply because it’s too small for your weight? Well, good news is, it may fit with only a few pounds less.


    • Improve your sex drive – Yes, being overweight or obese decreases your sex drive. Truth is, losing a few pounds may just bring your ‘groove’ back.


    • Sleep better – If you are having issues with your weight, then you also having issues sleeping. After losing a few pounds you will notice change and you will be able to sleep better.


  • Increase your life expectancy – Without all the health risks involved, probabilities are you might live longer.

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