Make Money Online | 10 Tips to Make Money

Make Money Online | 10 Tips

There are several ways to make money online, some allow us to earn barely enough as to the pay for connection to the Internet or to cover some petty, while otherscan afford to earn enough to live comfortably and to make a fortune.
In addition, some forms require expertise in programming and web design, as well as a great investment, while others only require basic knowledge we can quickly take to sail a little bit by the network, and as an investment, just a computer and Internet connection.

Ways to Make Money Online that really work

make money online

The following are 10 ways to make money online that really work, which can makeus win at least a respectable amount of money, and that are available to any of us:

Mount a virtual store

Mount a virtual store can mean a stable source of income to us and to make us earn a fortune, but provided the store have a professional design that inspires confidence, let’s make him an adequate promotion and, above all, sell the product indicated therein.

To create a virtual store it we may need knowledge in web design and make use of any of the programs that exist on the network and which a lot easier us the process of creation, but if we do not have greater knowledge, we can resort to the services of a professional designer.

Some of the products that tend to have better reception in a virtual store are garments (for example, t-shirts), handicrafts, jewelry, ebooks, and any product that is unique and novel, and that will be difficult to find in the physical markets.

Create a blog

Create a blog can make us earn much money, but usually in the long run, and always when we devote fully to the blog, we update it constantly, and we can get you a good visitor traffic.


To create a blog you can use any of the platforms for free blogs that exist in network (being the most well known WordPress and Blogger), which help us to design and manage our blog easily without need for increased knowledge in web design.

Whereas to achieve that our blog generate us income, can opt to sell on our own products (for example, ebooks), third-party products (e.g., products we obtain through affiliate programs), renting advertising space or using adware (being the most famous, the AdSense program).

Affiliate programs

Work with affiliate programs, in regards to sell products they offer, can mean us a good source of income, when we choose a good affiliate program, choose products that have a good demand, and make a comprehensive promotion of these.

To start working with affiliate programs, only a matter of registering in any of these (the best-known being from Amazon and ClickBank programs), select the products you want to promote, and promoted on our website or blog, social network, email marketing, etc., earning a Commission each time that we get to send a person to the web page where a product is sold , and that it decide to purchase it.

Write an ebook

Write an ebook can make us earn much money, provided the ebook comes to have a great reception, something that could be very difficult to achieve, especially in the Spanish-speaking market.

Once written our ebook can sell it in our online store, website or blog through affiliate programs (which allow us to have distributors interested in selling it), or format for Amazon Kindle (probably the faster and easier way to start selling an ebook).

On the subject of the ebook, it is write about a topic you are passionate about us, we take back or, in any case, we are very interested in master; but at the same time is a subject that has good reception on the Internet (in the Spanish-speaking market might not have good reception the literary themes, but the teaching, especially those related to Internet; for example, an ebook that could succeed is one that teaches how to write and sell an ebook on the Internet).

Sell products on auction sites

Sell products on auction sites can mean an income casual if we only sell products which, for example, we no longer use, or a good source of revenue if we take it as a business, and when we fulfil some requirements such as upload good pictures of our products, answer all the queries that make us, and make us a good reputation.

To start selling products on auction sites it is only matter of registering at one of these sites (being the most known eBay and MercadoLibre), upload images of our products, and publish a brief description of these as well as related issues such as prices, payment methods, shipping, among others.

Working as a freelance

Working as a freelance Internet can mean us a good source of income, if it is that we offer a service of good quality that not only make that our clients return to contract us, but also post positive comments from us, and we recommend to other consumers.


For work as freelance by Internet, can create us a website through which offer and provide our services, or simply register us in any of them sites specialized for freelancers that exist (for example, Freelancer), publish our profile and our services, and wait to them customers us contact.

Among the most popular freelance Internet services are the virtual consulting, translation of documents, virtual secretariat, writing articles, web design, Internet marketing, search engine positioning, among others.

Fill out paid surveys make money online

Filled survey remuneras by Internet probably do us not earn a fortune, but enough to have an extra income that can be used to cover some expenses or pay off some debts, if it is that we got to fill a large number of surveys.

To earn money by completing surveys paid online, only a matter of register in some of the sites that offer this possibility (which in some cases may involve a small investment), and then fill out the surveys that we are sending to our email address.

For every survey that we get to fill won a small amount of money depending on the size of the survey, and may in some cases earn a Commission by surveys that come to fill the referrals that we have succeeded.

Sell photos make money online

As in the case of surveys, sell photos on the Internet probably not make us millionaires, but in addition to satisfy our passion for photography, can mean us extra income that can be used to cover some expenses or pay off some debts, if it is that we come to offer attractive and good quality images.

To make money selling photos online, only a matter of register in some of the sites that offer this possibility (among which we can highlight iStockphoto and Fotolia), upload our photos or images, and wait for consumers decide to buy them, earning a percentage of the sale of each one of them.

Investing in Forex make money online

Invest in the Forex currency market can make us earn a good amount of money, if and when we get to know well the functioning of this market, and to identify and analyze the factors that determine the currency exchange rate fluctuations.

To start to invest in Forex, only is question of search an operator of Forex in Internet, open a has with it, deposit the money that are willing to invest (ensuring us of invest only an over of our money that not have intended to our expenses usual), e indicate you to the operator them operations of purchase and sale of badges that want perform.

Upload videos to YouTube make money online

Upload videos to YouTube can make us win a lot of money if our videos reach a high number of reproductions, and even make us earn a small fortune if it is to become viral.

For starters, we must register on YouTube, upload our videos, each one of them his title, description and tags that better to sort it, and then wait for YouTube to enable our account so we can place ads in videos, earning a percentage of the revenue the ads generate.

Videos that have a high number of reproductions tend to be educational videos, for example, those where they teach any manual activity; While the videos that come to become viral, they tend to be videos that show something out of the ordinary, and which are extremely fun.

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