Recommendations essential to relieve those problems gastric

Hello to everyone and welcome to this new post of health day, on this occasion speak them and say some essential problems gastric recommendations. If frequently suffers of pain or burning abdominal in the mouth of the stomach, if has a feeling of discomfort abdominal to the point of feel is full without having ingested nothing by long hours, if feels also nausea or suffers of loss of appetite, perhaps is find low a picture of problems gastric.

Special recommendations to control problems gastric

problems gastric

First steps to follow

Even though we all know that the ideal is to rule out any other disorder visiting and to consult you a doctor, then share with you a guide to foods that prevent gastric problems and relieve annoying symptoms.

To take account of very

First of all always include some general recommendations to prevent fall in organization end by worsen their situation, there that we recommend:

No other activities while you eat, so to be able to relax and attend the Act of eating

Avoid eating fast in order to facilitate the digestion of foo

Consume the food to not extreme temperatures

Set aside the intake of alcohol, coffee and tea highly concentrated

Eat every three hours as maximum and respect them portions of mode of not overloading to the body with food and give you more work of digestion

Practice a recreational activity that decreases the levels of stress and allowing channel anxiety, giving a respite to his stomach

Avoid the frying and the vegetables

Postpone the consumption of citrus (Orange, Mandarin, grapefruit) and other acidic fruits like plums, pineapple, and kiwi. Choose instead; banana, Apple, pear, peach and Damascus cooked, in Compote or puree

Leave for more forward the consumption of cruciferous: cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts of Brussels, as well as vegetables of leaf green and in its replacement choose Pope, pumpkin, zapallito and eggplant without skin or seeds, carrot, beet, chaucha without threads, tomato, centers of palmitos and heart of artichoke

Avoid spicy as pepper, paprika, ground pepper and mustard condiments

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