10 reasons why Android is better than iOS

Top 10 reasons to use only android

Android: Your friends should still be waiting in line to shop for a brand new iPhone half-dozen or half-dozen and, however whereas they’re out there grappling the unpredictable weather, you’re within your cozy house customizing the euphemism out of your mechanical man device. Android. That’s the wonder of being AN mechanical man user: you’ll tweak the interface, modification up the icons on individual apps, and plop widgets where you see work. will your iPhone-loving friend do that?

Android the best system

Apple’s new iOS eight could have blatantly taken over a number of mechanical man’s marquee features—like the Notifications panel and support for third-party keyboards—but it still misses a number of what Android users love concerning the mobile software. Your Apple-using friends could attempt to rub your nose in their shiny new edition of iOS on their shiny new iPhone, therefore here area unit 10 sistem androidoptions that mechanical man has that you simply will retort with. (And after all, don’t forget to prompt them that mechanical man L is returning before long, which can have even additional options to boast concerning.)

In Android’s Settings menu, below Application manager, you’ll force quit and uninstall apps as you see work. Android. you’ll additionally clear the cache for apps that area unit acting up, or read what proportion space for storing every app takes up. And if your carrier bundles bloatware on your device, you’ll disable it available mechanical man, or hide it entirely on Samsung and LG’s user interfaces. Android. better of all, you’ll opt for your own app defaults, therefore if you actually don’t need to use Google Chrome as your browser (for example), you’ll opt for one thing else from the Google Play Store.

iOS simply permits you to force-quit AN application by swiping abreast of the app within the App oppressor. you’ll delete AN app by long-pressing it on the interface or through iTunes. however you don’t have abundant management over whether or not or not you would like to use hunting expedition as your default browser, to Illustrate, and not several applications supply clear choices for limiting what proportion space its knowledge takes up.

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