How to have a domain and web hosting

Both the domain and web hosting are two very different and important things for creating a website. Not only is the page and make ready; is not that we are to succeed on the Internet, using search engine optimization techniques.

In first place for the registration of a domain, we must bear in mind that we aim to use it.Suppose you want a personal site where publish content on my personal or professional profile; the domain must contain the name of the author of the site in an example: We must bear in mind that the domain of a site is important for SEO.

Registering a domain can vary the price is not very expensive or cheap, are talking about a price ranging from $ 10 to $ 20 dollars per year, the price varies depending on the extent .com, .net, .org, etc.  hosting, webhosting, best web hosting, cheap web hosting, dedicated server, vps hosting, email hosting, best hosting, web hosting services, web hosting companies, what is web hosting, reseller hosting, hosting services, server hosting, web hosting reviews,

Create Domain and Web Hosting

Create Domain and Web Hosting

The Web Hosting or Web Hostings is a very important to conclude with a website point;if we continue with the example of a personal web page, we already acquired the domain but lack the Web hostings where we will publish the content of the site. There are many companies online that offer this type of service, many of them offer different kinds of accommodation usually have personal, professional, business and corporate; the price of these plans vary depending on the plan. In our case it is sufficient staff plan as it comes to the most economical and with minimal features plan.

If you are a person who buys in one place or places it in the same country. There aremany  Hosting in Lima  where you can call and ask more reliably and thus not be one of the scammed on the Internet.

In conclusion we can say that the domain and  hosting Web price varies depending on the extent and plan to ask. As a suggestion recommend .com extension because it is the most popular extension on the Internet.

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