6 free applications that you didn’t know you needed

Well Hello everyone and welcome to this new post where I bring you 6 applications that you didn’t know you would need them. Can that still not know these apps, but a time it do you wonder: how you could be both time without them?

Applications free very important that need


Here I bring you 6 apps to not know that you need and invite them to try all of them and that your can also recommend them to your friends and family.

So Cookbook


Not know what cooking? Need a recipe to impress your friends? So Cookbook is the applications you need, since it contains more than 350 Recipes from different sources and you can also add your own recipes. The app which you needed as a helper in your kitchen!

Phototastic Collage

Phototastic Collage

The applications that needed to create compositions of photos. Perfect for your photos of Instagran, Facebook or Twitter. It contains hundreds of templates for creating designs of different styles. Add the finishing touch with effects, stickers and text.

Seven – 7 Minute Workout Challenge

Seven - 7 Minute Workout Challenge

You no longer have an excuse! Now you can do exercise, wherever you are, with this application. You don’t need anything else, a wall and the weight of your body are enough to do these exercises in just 7 minutes. Routines based on scientific studies to achieve maximum performance in a short space of time.

Wish – Shopping made fun

Wish - Shopping made fun

Wish-Shopping made fun<br>The best way to buy: without leaving home, with the best products at discounted prices direct to the door of your House. This app brings you the best deals on fashion, accessories and electronics to your fingertips.



Need a cheap flight quickly? Seeks million of routes between more than 1,000 airlines and find them flights with them prices more low in seconds with the application free for Windows: saves money, saves time. Skyscanner is located the best deals and connects you to the airline or travel agency to do the reservation directly, so you always get the best deals.



Wunderlist helps millions of users around the world to capture your ideas, tasks and places to visit. Whether you share a shopping list with a loved one, as if you work in a project or plan a vacation, Wunderlist you makes it easy to share your playlists and collaborate with people of your life. Wunderlist instantly synchronizes your phone, tablet and computer so you can access your lists from anywhere.

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