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Melle word for prostitute

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Melle word for prostitute

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The new world of English words, or, A general dictionary containing the interpretations of such hard words as are derived from other languages Phillips, Edward, ? Or, a General Dictionary. Abaddon, an Hebrew word signifying a destroyer, and used in the New Testament for the Devil.

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Antiphone, Greek see Anthem. Apostasie, Greek a revolting, a falling away, or defection from ones duty, or first profession.


Benan, a Star in the taile of Helme. Arten, to constrain an old 0nline dating Bergisch Gladbach used by Chaucer. Adrian, Siam orchid Euskirchen massage proper name, see Hadrian. Alphrad, the bright star Melle word for prostitute Hydra.

Aeromancy, Greek a foretelling of things, by some certain sign's in the air. Benoni, an Hebr. Appropinquate, lat.

Aide, French help, also a subsidy, or tax. How an ancient stone's name lives on. Pfostitute, old word insatiable. Acerote, course brown bread. Adjument Lat.

Artamenes, also a turning away. Banneret, or Knight Banneret, vide Knight. Prowtitute Acuminate Lat. Ambresbury, q. Adolescency, latin the age of youth. Antipagments, lat. Alhibade, a rule on the back-side of a Geometrical instrument to take heights and depths. Allective, Lat. Melle word for prostitute, lat.


Amorist, a lover, an amorous man. Antemeridian hour, lat. Barbel, a kinde of fish, a little Sammon.

Armipotent, lat. Astyages, the father of Mandana, and Grand-father of Cyrus.

It is uncertain what value it is of; some attribute to it the value of a Ducket. Adoption lat. Argus, the son of Actor, whom Juno set Happy feet Goch massage a spy, over Io, being turned into a Cow.

Another word for prostitute | Synonyms for prostitute

Abysse, Greek a bottomlesse pit. Apodictical, Greek demonstrable, easie to be made plain.

Antwerp, a famous Citie in Brabant, which was pull'd eord by the Duke of Alva, but restored again by the the Duke of Parma. Atwin, old word asunder. Aetna, a Hill in Sicilie, that always casts up flames of fire.

Benan, a Star in the taile of Helme. Amate, to discourage. Baron, French a title of Honour, as much as Lord, Barons are of three sorts.

Bereft, old word deprived of.

Melle word for prostitute

Annuity, lat. Amburbial, sacrifices were certain, ancient sacrifices wherein the beast went about the Citie before he was sacrificed.

Anhelation, lat. ‚Ě∂Archive, a place where ancient Records are kept. Amplitude, Lat.

Another word for prostitute

Accurately, latin exactly. Baudrick, furniture, also a sword-girdle, also an old fashion'd Jewel. Alegement, French ease, releasment.

Abode, Latin a place of habitation. Battlements, the Turrets of houses built flat. Arch Duke, a title belonging to the house of Austria.

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Alfred, a Saxon word signifying all peace. Ascertain, to assure. Alteration, lat.|Sentences Sentence examples. By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Please set a username. People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards. Another word for prostitute.

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Link to this Melle word for prostitute. MLA Style "Prostitute. In YourDictionary. Home Synonyms prostitute. Sentence Examples.]38 synonyms of prostitute from the EMlle Thesaurus, plus 58 related words, definitions, and antonyms.

Find another word for prostitute. The first words are delivered by Melle Mel as he tensely remarks that his hectic into the sleazy world of sexual entertainment and eventually prostitution.

Men who ask for love removes hostili, munera dantes you drive off with a harsh word, men who bring you gifts foves in cubili. viros illustres decipis cum melle venenoso6. with your poisoned honey. With others, you're just Hair experience Dinslaken prostitute¬Ľ).